I started The Neighbourhood Threat when I was around the age of 17 and would sell vintage clothing online out of my bedroom at home. This carried on until 2019 and after running successful shops on Depop and Asos Marketplace, I just fancied a bit of a change.

I began collecting vintage tea towels and made them into cushions and lamps that I would go on to sell at Maker's Markets around Manchester.

Now I design and make my own range of homewares and textiles from my studio at Islington Mill in Salford. I source all my raw materials from reputable suppliers in the UK.

As a seamstress by trade I make every tea towel and cushion from my studio, I also do the odd bit of freelance sewing for other local businesses such as Salford Lad's Club and Shadowbright. As well as seamstress work I also print each mug and coaster individually.

I'm constantly having new ideas and making as much as I can!

Holly x