Who makes your products?

Hi, I'm Holly Ramsay and I own The Neighbourhood Threat! I design every print and product in our store. I make every cushion and print each coaster myself, and work closely with a couple of small independent factories based around an hours drive away from Manchester who make our ceramics and kitchenwares.

Can I purchase products in real life

Yes you can! You can usually find us around Manchester selling our products at artisan markets ran by The Maker's Market, The Market Co, and Altrincham Market. 

We are also stocked at a number of shops across the UK. Please check out our stockists page to see where we are stocked.

Follow us on Social Media to find out where and when we are trading!

How do you source your fabrics/ vintage clothing?

I absolutely love going out to fairs/ secondhand shops/ online auctions trying to source our fabrics and vintage clothing for our customers!

With nearly 10 years of experience (yes I have been a vintage treasure hunter since I was like 13!) I like to think I've trained my eyes to hunt for only the best! We don't buy crap, only the good stuff!

We make sure that all our vintage wares are top quality with plenty of years left in them!